Feb 2020

Industry 360 Phase 2

Machine Learning Deep Learning Clustering Decision Trees

Learn R & Python Programming With PST Analytics Classroom and Online R & Python Training And Certification Courses In Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, and other Indian cities.

R as a Tool is very powerful and easy to apply when it comes to complex situations. Machine learning -Python provides techniques as a solution to tough challenges The Industry is making a shift toward evolving technology and early birds get a batter chance of upward movement in the success ladder.

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  • 80 Hours
  • 1200+
  • Basic to Advance
  • Certification Course
Python Training
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Quick Stats

Analytics industry is a volatile industry and picks up fast on technology. We have seen an upward trend for R and Python as a skill set in combination with SAS as a tool & Certification

The universities and the start-ups are adapting to R and Python. Hence a huge scope in research-oriented jobs as a practitioner.

There is a dearth of data scientist across the globe where R & Python as a skill set is picking up fast to fill up the gap. Early entries will scoop big is the prediction of the Data Pundits


R +Python as a tool

R as a tool is the major component of today's data science. Python training along with fills the gap for the machine and deep learning.  This is an added upskill in the skill list and will help you up the success ladder

Project Driven approach

There will be no run through ppt and decks as we don't believe in such methods of learning and spreading education. It would be hands-on and classes would actually be workshops with more focus on the application part

R-Data Science Python -Machine Learning

Data Scientists are betting heavy on R as a soul ingredient for data science. Machine Learning is in these days for Python. The world is moving away from contemporary languages to data-driven languages and R, Python is holding a good place as far as data science is concerned.

Who Should Attend

  • Final Year Students who are looking for research-oriented jobs curriculum abroad 
  • Freshers out of the campus who are looking for jobs in start-ups
  • Experienced folks who are in the data industry and look forward to adapting R, Python
  • Experienced professionals who look forward to switching the jobs/domain to data science & Machine Learning

Course Outcome

  • Understand the outlining features of R, Python
  • Strong foundation with more hold on basics
  • Data Extraction and Analysis with Machine Learning
  • In-depth knowledge of R & Python as a tool and the applied language
  • Proper application as to where and where not to apply 



Is this a classroom programme

Yes it is