What to do if you are not getting promoted

A career is a life blended with choices & chances. It’s part of everyone’s life, be it well settled or the striving ones. Getting a good manager is a chance. Finding a good mentor is a choice. There comes a time when you seem to be stuck and not moving despite your putting in efforts. All the opinions that you try out fail to help. Hang on is good advice but for how long. Your immediate boss monitors your success. So please make sure you have to keep him happy, at least professionally, if not personally.


With PSTAnalytics, you get a good advantage discussing your situations with your mentor, and the person would be able to guide you with what should be the action plan. Bringing it to the notice of HR or upper management could backfire, but there are ways to it. To be prepared for the worse, we need to have Plan-B ready in case.PSTAnalytics is not only the best analytics institute in India but also your career guide to the future.

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