PSTAnalytics-The only institute with Industry exposure

With the wide demand of professionals in Industry it has become mandatory for professionals working in every stream to get educated in terms of data & its usage. Every individual who is preparing for a transition or investing in themselves for proper training wants to have a detail oriented curriculum which meets Industry expectations.Our data analytics courses for beginners is rightly suited for professionals starting their career as freshers in data Industry


Most of the  commercial institutes have come up with the branding process and covering the old curriculum in a new packaging providing the same flavor which does not meet industry demands and is outdated in several aspects. Even if the institute is providing the best they go to the professionals for delivering the topics on a short term basis which is temporary in nature.


PSTAnalytics is a team of experienced professionals working in the data Industry and curating & delivering content used in Industry. It is never obsolete as it gets on frequent upgrades/updates which no institute cares about. Most of the trainers are not even aware of the learning process for professionals and still use the  ppt which is not only mundane but monotonous. We are using the best in class material and the framework used after proper research & validation. Hence we at PSTAnalytics are ranked as top analytics training institutes in india   

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