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After receiving a wonderful response from the blog “GROWING IMPORTANCE OF BUSINESS ANALYST” at PST Analytics, we also received a lot of queries related to the MYTHS ABOUT CAREER IN BUSINESS ANALYTICS. So here are some of the myths jotted down for better understanding.

  1. One need to be an Engineer before starting a career in Business Analytics – People have this myth that one need to be an engineer before starting a career in Business Analytics which is absolutely wrong. The only thing one need to have is the capability to think structurally and should have comfort with numbers and calculations.
  2. One need to be a programmer – Yes, you need to learn programming for the tool you use like SAS, R, SQL etc. but that doesn’t mean that you need to be a good programmer for being a Business analyst.
  3. One has to work with large datasheets - The requirement of your role being a Business Analyst is to be able to put structure around unstructured problems and issues and be able to use numbers effectively to understand business and the changes required in strategy rather working on big datasheets the entire day.
  4. One need to learn tool for learning Analytics – One need to understand that a tool is only a tool used to perform Analysis, a tool cannot perform analysis on its own. You can also improve your fundamentals by learning analytics through different courses like SAS certification available in Delhi and other major cities. You just need to be aware of the fundamentals required for performing analysis such as:
  • The things required to keep in mind while performing Regression.
  • What can you infer from the coefficients and outcome of t-tests?
  • How do you prove or dis-prove a business hypothesis?

Once you understand the basics, using them through any tool can help you start your career of Analytics.
Apart from the myths mentioned above if you are STILL left with any myth, please feel free to discuss with us. We would be glad to help you out.

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