Analytics courses- The Journey begins

Welcome to the Analytics for the Beginners course by PST Analytics. We have a started course in the field of data and a starter course means it has been designed for anyone who is looking for a fundamental understanding in the field of Analytics. You do not need to be a programmer, a mathematician or even someone who likes numbers or do the storytelling with the data. Let’s get some of the things clear. You are not going to be a Data Scientist or a Statistician or a SAS programmer at the end of this course. But if you do see and enjoy what you learn, feel free to sign up for the in-depth modules of our course list.

In our courses, we will introduce you to the key concepts of Analytics, concepts that are fairly simple and enormously powerful! You will learn simple analytics techniques to analyze any kind of data and draw insights from it. We have designed this course for the people who want to get over their fear of data. We want you to see data and analytics for what it really is, interesting not that intimidating, fascinating and truly fun!

There is no complex mathematically equations or long programming codes involved anywhere in this course. But what we teach here is a mix of some simple mathematics, a little excel, some statistics and bucket loads of common sense!

So put on your thinking caps and get ready to enter the world of Analytics. Good Luck!!

Most people think that they know nothing about analytics before they even begin with a course which is so untrue. As students of analytics, we would also like to believe that somehow we will have access to elite, fantastic and privileged information which is not true either.

The matter of fact is that the Analytics functions as a basis for so many things that revolve around us. So all of us are the recipients of the benefits of Analytics day-in and day-out without even knowing it. Where is analytics used and where not? Be it the movies or the sports field, in deciding which accessories go best with which laptop. Figuring out which TV show you would be downloading next, in choosing your country’s next Prime Minister or even when finding love online!  All of these activities today are aided and have been made more efficient by the use of analytics. To see how analytics is used in the real-life situations all around us and to deep-dive to see it and feel it while enjoying the Analytics flavour at the same time, Enrol!!

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