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If you are familiar with other Microsoft products like MS Office, then you will find it easy to get there to Power Bi’s interface. After launching the application for the first time, you will get the option to create an account. While creating your account, remember that you’re suppose to use the email address there to you by your company/ organization.

On opening Power Bi to navigate, you will see a blank page. The reports have to be made on this page.

How to Navigate Power BI Application - PST Analytics

Processing some data is require to make good-looking reports and visuals. The first step would be to import some data. Navigate to the tabs below the menu bar and look for the Get-Data tab. When you click on the Get-Data tab, you will see various options through which you can import the data. These are – excel files, text files, azure services, and various databases. You can import data from practically every major database available on the web.How to Navigate Power BI Application - PST Analytics


To understand this concept, let us take an example of a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. An excel sheet contains some rows and columns. Every cell of a column holds contains some value that is relate to the information store in another column. We can say that there is a define relationship between the elements of a table. This is exactly the kind of data require by Power Bi.


To import some data, you must have some data. Don’t worry if you’re confuse and can’t understand how to work with data in Power Bi. Microsoft has upload some sample data sets on its official website.

You can also find some data sets for practice on a website call

Visit the above link and navigate to the section call – Your first Barchart in Power Bi. Download the file – OfficeSupplies.csv

Once you have download the .csv file, you need to connect it to Power Bi. Go to the Get-Data tab, and click on CSV. Browse to the location where you have download the .csv file, Double click on it to upload it.

How to Navigate Power BI Application - PST Analytics

You will see the above window which displays a preview of the data set. By default, it is base on the first 200 rows. You can also select the entire data set from the drop-down menu. Click on ‘Load’. After a few seconds, your data will be load to Power Bi. The load data will be visible at the extreme right of the Power Bi window.

How to Navigate Power BI Application - PST Analytics

All the imported data can be found on the right-hand side in the ‘Fields’ section.

Now in case you need to navigate back to the window that displayed the preview of our data set, you need to click on the data button on the extreme left of the Power Bi window. You will see three buttons. The topmost button leads to the main page where we prepare our visuals. The middle button takes us to the preview window while the last button is used to define relationships in our data.

In the next tutorial, you will learn how to create basic visuals in Power Bi.

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