How To Make Interactive Tooltips In Tableau

Tableau comes up with one more exciting feature in 10.5 version i.e. Viz on Tooltip, “The possibility to add visualisations in tooltips”.

Tableau this time comes with an awesome and mind-blowing feature where we can embed charts in the tooltip. When I hover over the chart we used to see the text which shows the details about that particular state or that particular dimension but now we can see all the text which we want and at the same time we can see visualisations as well. Yes, it is true, we can see the awesome visualisations as well in the tooltips.

We just have to follow below steps to pull visualisations in the tooltip.

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Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 4.31.07 PM

How to add a viz in a tooltip?

It sounds amazing but, how to do it? It is very easy, you just need to follow the steps.

Step 1: Create the visualization on which you need tooltip

Using the superstore data create a map view for Total profit across states.

Step 2: Create the visualization you like to show in the tooltip

Now we have to build the visualization we want to see when we hover over the earlier visualization. Create a new visualization in a different sheet as usual. Let’s say we want to see the profit by sub-category when we hover over each of State on our map. The next visualization will be as below image.

Create the visualization you like to show in the tooltip

Step 3: Add the secondary visualization to the tooltip of the first one

Now we have to go back to my first visualization and click on the tooltip as if we were going to modify it as we normally do. In the top right section of the tooltip window, we have the Insert menu where we can click and add the name of the data source, workbook, any parameter or any dimension/measure that is in the level of detail of our visualization. But now in 10.5, there’s an additional option at the top of that menu named sheets where we can choose the visualization we want to add to our tooltip. In our example, we want to include the Profit by sub-category sheet.

Add the secondary visualization to the tooltip of the first one

And here we go! Now when we hover over a State, we will see in the tooltip the profit by sub-category (the second sheet we have created) automatically filtered for that State.

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 4.39.38 PM

If we go back to our second sheet (profit by sub-category) we will see that Tableau automatically has created a new filter in our sheet similar to a Set filter: the Tooltip filter.

filter tooltip

Additional options

Also, if we look at the tooltip of our main visualization now, we will see that Tableau has automatically added some details there. Something like:

<Sheet name=”Tooltip Visualization” maxwidth=”300″ maxheight=”300″ filter=”<All Fields>”>

We can also modify the maxwidth and maxheight numbers and change how the visualization looks like in our tooltip. We can also add more than one visualization in our tooltip. Consider we need to add a new sheet showing the profit by quarter, and we need to add it also to the tooltip, add some text to look like the title of the sheets

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