Can You Become a Tableau Expert with an Online Course?

Tableau Online Training

Tableau is all the rage for its stunning Data Visualization applications. For Analysts and Enterprise decision-makers who show lesser affinity to monotonous spreadsheets, Tableau provides ‘Visuals’ for the stories that numbers have to tell. That said, there is a skyrocketing demand for professionals skilled in using this tool and deriving insights from the data. Now the real question arises- Can you become a Tableau expert with an online course? We have some great pointers for you to arrive at a decision.

Let us get started!

Why Data Visualization?

Before you hop on to Tableau Training, you need to understand the significance behind Data Visualization. Ask yourself- What is so appealing about ‘Visualizing’ the numbers than just interpreting them in the text format? Well, for beginners, 90 percent of the information transmit to our brain is visual. On top of that, our brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than the text. When it comes to real-world decision making where time is of essence, stats and trends in the pictorial format can be a great aid for organizations. Tableau enables them to achieve this.

Know about Tableau’s Learning Curve

There is no quantifiable metric or scale to measure the complexity of learning, at least for Tableau. It is all about the commitment at the end of the day. For determined beginners with a vested interest in learning this tool, it can be pretty easy as many of them report in our Tableau training sessions. Following is the brief break-up of Tableau training (which may vary with different courses) and learning pattern used by PST Analytics;

  • Basics of Tableau- Includes introduction, the architecture of the software, course overview and how to install it.
  • Data Connectivity and Navigation
  • Exercise of Making the First Visual with Tableau
  • Time series, Aggregations & Using Filters
  • Understanding more Charts in Tableau
  • Understanding Maps & Scatter Plot
  • Learning Joining & Data Blending
  • Advanced Tableau Learning & Calculations
  • Advanced Data Preparation & Analytics
  • Creating Animations
  • Level of Details (LOD)
  • Tableau Server
  • Real-time Project

It is crucial that you ensure the Instructor’s background. The quality of training and learning will depend upon the trainer’s background (Which should reflect industry-experience).

Should You Go for Online Tableau Training?

If you are a working professional or an aspiring fresher, time is probably a finite commodity for you. In this case, Online Tableau Training can be a great option for you. Moreover, below are some of the unparalleled benefits of enrolling in an online course;

Self-Paced Learning

Got finite time with other responsibilities? An online course in Tableau training will be suited to your needs. With an online course, you don’t have to stick with a fixed classroom schedule or a time-table. You can enjoy learning at your own pace and comfort.

No Travel!

Traveling to the classroom location takes time. When time is of utmost importance, focusing on the learning becomes the only viable option. Online course enrolment allows you to access the best training from a place of your choice. Just grab your laptop, connect it to the internet and you are good to go!en

More Affordable

Online courses are more affordable than their classroom training counterparts. This is because the base cost is reduced due to the subtracted need of classroom space, print material, and devices.

Is there any Quality Difference?

Absolutely not! Learning is learning. It is only the ‘method of access’ to the learning material and instructor’s teaching that changes (from physical to online e-learning). Anything that can be ‘instructed’ can be very well understood via an online channel.

There you have it! Valid reasons that you can become an expert in Tableau via an online course. So, enroll today and welcome a highly rewarding career in the exponentially growing domain of Data Visualization.

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