Resume Building Tips for an Aspiring Data Scientist

Having trouble in getting an interview call for Data Science?

Here are some useful tips for Aspiring data scientists toward writing a resume which is a very important step to start your Analytics and Data science journey.

Stand out from the crowd, That’s the first thing you should try to do. It’s easier than you think. It all starts with your resume.

I review hundreds of resumes every time my organization hire from campus or conduct walk-in, and without fail, almost all of them look the same.

Be in the 5% of people that stand out with their resume, if you get into this pool, you’re going to be competing against a lot smaller science interview

So to get the attention of hiring managers, ditching the boring, old template and make yours interesting.

• Try a two-column approach
• Write your name in huge, block letters
Include icons
• Use color
• Bold important accomplishment
Give yourself a tagline
• Increase the amount of whitespace
• Write stories that highlight experiences and impact
Remember to include your LinkedIn and GitHub accounts
• Do something unconventional!

Set yourself apart. If you can stand out – even a little – it will go a long way.

So, to learn more about interview skill for data science, you can check this and this as well.

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