Resume Building Tips for an Aspiring Data Scientist

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Having trouble in getting an interview call? Here are some useful tips for Aspiring data scientists toward writing a resume which is a very important step to start your Analytics and Data science journey. Stand out from the crowd, That's the first thing you should try to do. It's easier than you think. ? It all starts with your resume I review hundreds of resumes every time my organization hire from campus or conduct walk-in, and without fail, almost all of them look the same. Be in the 5% of people that stand out with their resume, if you get into this pool, you're going to be competing against a lot smaller group. So to get the attention of hiring managers, ditching the boring, old template and make yours interesting. • Try a two-column approach • Write your name in huge, block letters • Include icons • Use color • Bold important accomplishment • Give yourself a tagline • Increase the amount of whitespace • Write stories that highlight experiences and impact • Remember to include your LinkedIn and GitHub accounts • Do something unconventional! Set yourself apart. ? If you can stand out - even a little - it will go a long way. Comments