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The age of Big Data is well and truly upon us. It has significantly grown in importance over the years, with an increasing number of businesses relying on attaining it to leverage its hidden potential.

  • However, over the years, a lot of such programs and software have been developed by a number of companies in anticipation of this increase in demand and importance. They help businesses gather, manage and analyze this information; to make use of it in every manner they deem fit.Let’s take a look at one such software which is used by some of the most well-known and reputed organizations across the world.


                                                                  Some Interesting Information
    Date of Development 1976
    Market Share 9%
    Required Level of Expertise Advanced
    Main Functions Business Intelligence

    Data Management

    Advanced Analytics

    Visual Data Representation

    Software Integration

    Products (for Business) STAT

    Analytics Pro

    Curriculum Pathways

    Customer Intelligence 360

    Data Management

    Enterprise Miner

    Grid Manager

    Visual Analytics

    Visual Statistics


    Notable Clientele





    Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)


    As stated above, there a number of SAS products and suites offered by the company, each one providing business owners with a range of functionality needed to perform a number of independent and inter-dependent tasks. Let’s take a look at some of the main features and functions offered in these suites, and how they aid the company in performing one or multiple day-to-day functions:


    Over time, both small and large scale businesses have become heavily reliant on first-hand market knowledge and information to perform a number of core functions. As a result, they make use of the latest programs and software available in the market to go about the day’s business. SAS is one such software used by a number of them to gather business intelligence so that it can be further used for numerous purposes.

    In particular, the SAS Enterprise Miner and the SAS Customer Intelligence 360 tool helps businesses gather valuable insights which they can use for multiple purposes (i.e. develop models and charts, decision making, understand hidden and new market trends etc.)


    Manually going through the thousands of rows and columns of data, sifting the required data from that which is not relevant to the task at hand is an incomprehensible task, one which requires and unrealistic amount of time and effort. SAS helps businesses in this regard as well.

    In particular, the SAS Data Management module is what aids businesses in performing such a function. It can be integrated with a number of different software, allowing business users to import and combine valuable customer data from multiple sources into one, central database of information for easy use and accessibility by multiple users at a time.


    This function is one of the main reasons why businesses happily part way with a significant chunk of their fiscal budgets. Raw data is useless for the business as it is just a collection of a huge amount of related data which may or may not be significant. It is its in-depth analysis which interests companies the most, the basis of a company taking significant action.

    The SAS Analytics Pro is the tool concerned with granting users with this ability. Its library of pre-programmed, ready-to-use tools and functions make it a viable option for presenting processed information in a way that it is easily understandable.


    Businesses are exposed to a lot a growth opportunities on a daily basis without them even knowing it. As a result, they fail to capitalize on this occurrence which could have resulted in significant growth for the business. Thus, they make use of certain software which gather such information and develop predictive models by using it to highlight potential areas the business could tap into.

    SAS equips users with this, offering them with such functionality so that they can use the information they have access to in order to develop predictive models which they can use to take solid business decisions.


    Charts and graphs are effective at displaying information in a visually appealing, quantifiable and easy-to-understand format. It grants employees with multiple ways of graphically representing textual as well as numeric-based information so that trends and outcomes can be seen and understood just through glancing at what’s on the screen.

    The SAS Visual Analytics and SAS Visual Statistics suites allow users to create visual spectacles from a large database of processed information. It presents a ton of meaningful information to users in a recognizable format, allowing them to make vital business decisions in the least amount of time.


    The SAS certification is currently one of the most in-demand certifications in the market. Thus, the SAS Institute launched their SAS Global Certification Program in 1999, offering students as well as professionals with the perfect opportunity to specialize in the use of the software and its multiple functions.

    Till date, the company has awarded over 100,000 individuals from 121 countries with the certification, a huge majority of whom have managed to secure jobs in a number of reputable companies across the world. Here are just some of the most important reasons you should consider getting an SAS certification:


    As the software is technical in nature, getting an SAS certification requires hard work, dedication and motivation on part of the individual. There are a lot of functions and features which require one to be familiar with programming as the software is heavily reliant on it, and having prior knowledge of some of the basic functions found in other, similar software is also an added bonus.

    However, at the end of it, the individual can expect to gain first-hand technical knowledge, advanced skills and practical expertise to become a successful member of any organization they wish to join in the future.


    In today’s world, a university degree is not all that is required to secure a dream job. Its importance has been downgraded to become just a basic requirement of being hired. Thus, many aspiring job seekers enroll themselves in different specialization courses, those which set them apart from the competition, help them secure the role they are looking to be hired for, and are relevant to the field they want to pursue a career in.


    The digitization of the world and the evolution of the digital landscape have seen most businesses graduate to different online mediums, making use of them in various ways to improve profits and grow their business. As such, many companies, both small as well as large, make use of a number of top-of-the-line software which help them perform a number of essential tasks in the most efficient and effective manner.

    However, most of these programs are highly technical in nature, requiring skilled individuals to operate them and realize their maximum potential. As such, they actively seek out those which are proficient in such software, such as those who are SAS certified, actively looking to hire them as well as offering them with an attractive package.


    Most of the certifications and courses offered by a number of institutes grant individuals with the means to back and verify their claim. By getting a certification, you get registered as an SAS certified professional and get a certificate as proof of your efforts. This proficiency is recognized around the world and improve your credibility in the job market.


    An SAS certification can be stated as your ticket to a high-earning job which has a lot of growth potential regardless of whether you are a first-time job seeker or one who has already worked in the field. It increases your ability to stand out among other aspiring job seekers, serving as a sign of your motivation to pursue a career in the field and an inherent interest in achieving personal growth.

    On top of being a highly in-demand skill, getting such a certification also interests potential employers as it minimizes the time they have to spend on training a new hire, allowing them to fit into the organization almost instantly.



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