Top Women Leaders in the Field of Data Science, ML and DL

With the rapidly evolving paradigm surrounding the gender roles, women have certainly been excelling within the areas that were earlier exclusive to men only. From International Politics and Astrophysics to Entrepreneurship and AI, there’s hardly any field left where women got to demonstrate their intellectual mettle.

This post is all about these wonderful women, who not only pose because the perfect mothers, wives & daughters but also are the drive behind technological disruptions brought upon by the AI, ML and Data Science.

Jennifer Chayes

Jennifer Chayes, a PhD holder from Princeton University in Mathematical Physics surely has some professional badges to flaunt. Chayes is the director at Microsoft Research and a renowned Scientist in Machine Learning and Data Science. Her motto is ‘keep all the doubts aside and easily believe your own ability.’ Addressing during a Data Science conference for ladies, she advises everyone to ‘Not give any attention to the part of your brain that creates you doubt on your own abilities, causes you to desire an imposter.’ consistent with her, anyone is able to do anything by not taking note of the part of the brain that induces self-doubt.

Jill Dyche

When one talks of versatile women personalities, the type that might save the environment and contribute to the forefronts of Digital age, Jill Dyche’s name can’t be missed. Dyche is the vice-chairman of SAS Best Practices at the SAS Institute. She is additionally the author of The New IT: How Technology Leaders are Enabling Business Strategy within the Digital Age. When Dyche isn’t busy advocating the career benefits of SAS certification & training, she is functioning on her side projects. The foremost recent of her side projects is an eBook on how simple improvements within the animal shelter practices can increase the pet adoption rates.

Carrie Grimes Bostock

It is all brains with this lady! Carrie Bostock holds a PhD in Statistics from Stanford University alongside an AB in Anthropology from Harvard University. Bostock may be a distinguished Engineer at Google and has spent her entire professional lifespan at Google itself. Carrie is currently a neighbourhood of the Technical Institute group and appears after Data-driven resource planning, distributed cluster management software, and price analysis for Google’s various Data undertakings. Carrie Grimes Bostock may be a woman gem within the field of Data-driven technologies.


Carla Gentry

A renowned ‘Data Nerd’ who goes by an equivalent name on Social Media, Carla Gentry is one among the highest Data Science influencers and Digital Marketing Manager at Samtec. Her speciality? Taking huge databases, decoding the business needs, and returning with the Business Intelligence that projects trends, spending and profits. Carla Gentry has delivered value to several Fortune 500 enterprises together with her skillset. Carla wears the badge of ‘Data Nerd’ with honour and believes within the motto ‘Knowledge is power,’ which companies are now awakening to. Carla Gentry also holds degrees in Mathematics and Economics.

Megan Price

She is the executive at the Human Rights Data Analysis Group at hrdag. Megan Price’s organization make use of statistical analysis to cause evidence to testify and push for action and alter. These actions can relate to the Environment and Human Rights Welfare. HRDA has worked on a variety of projects worldwide including Guatemala, Columbia, and Syria. For the Syria projects, Price served as the lead statistician and authored two recent reports commissioned by the Office of the UN diplomat of Human Rights. The project associated with documenting deaths therein country. Megan is also a research fellow at the Carnegie Mellon University Center for Human Rights Science, and a PhD holder in biostatistics.

Neha Narkhede

Neha Narkhede is the co-founder and Chief Technical Officer at Confluent, a corporation that’s driving a well-liked big data tool that permits real-time streaming capabilities – Apache Kafka. Neha’s vision manifested into the real-world technology together with her fellow co-founders once they were performing at LinkedIn. Neha has established a stronghold within the world of AI, ML and large Data making India proud.

Fei-Fei Li

Li is a professor at the Science Department at Stanford. She is additionally the Director of the Stanford AI Lab and therefore the Stanford Vision Lab. Here, Fei-Fei works with the foremost brilliant students and colleagues located worldwide to create smart algorithms. These algorithms enable computers and robots to ‘see and think,’ also on conducting cognitive and neuroimaging experiments to get how brains work, process information while thinking. Li holds a PhD from Caltech making her one among the highest intellectuals within the field of AI and Computer Vision.

Monica Rogati

Monica Rogati is a Data Collection & AI Advisor working independently. Monica is the former vice-chairman of knowledge at wearables company Jawbone and a former data scientist from LinkedIn. Presently, Monica is concentrated on providing technical due diligence and advice to the info Collective risk capital groups and is an advisor for the Insight Data Science Fellows Program. Rogati’s repo within the AI and ML world is documented as long as Fortune 500 companies always reach bent her for crucial advice.

These women have established a replacement benchmark for women’s success within the emerging tech fields. Are you able to set yours? If you want to be a successful data scientist then you can one courser at PST Analytics.

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