SAS software and installation: A journey

Before we begin starting our data journey the first step would be installing the SAS software on your local machine to perform analytics. SAS is a licensed version and needs to be purchased before you plan to start working on it. This may be a pain for people who are into learning & Education who do not want to use it for commercial purposes and want to learn and evolve over the period of time.

SAS has, therefore, come up with a concept of University Edition which is free for students and people who want to use this for non-commercial purposes. It has also come up with the On-Demand version as well, which is a sign-on option for people who still want to use without installing anything on their machines.

SAS software and installation for Analytics : A journey - PST

SAS University Edition

This Edition is free and available for download from the SAS website. This is a 2 GB size file and a virtualization tool like VMware or Oracle Virtualbox needs to be there for this file. This is the same concept of virtualization where you are still using someone else’s network without being on the internet

The download would be a .vmx file which needs to get mount in the VM and connected. This will give you an IP and you type the IP address on URL and hit start SAS studio once it pops up. This would require a 2GB RAM and 64Bit system with virtualization on the processor front. In some of the machines, the virtualization needs to be turn on through BIOS settings. The new gen computers are well equip with the virtualization technique but it’s the old ones(older than 2011 or before) may face a challenge

How to find if your processor supports virtualization?

If you are using Intel processor here is the link to find out if your processor uses the virtualization

Link to check virtualization

The below link in the link to the pdf which guides you to every step starting from the download to the installation w.r.t. University edition

Link to the pdf

If your Windows is 32bit this has to be 64 bit and then only you would be able to sail through

SAS on Demand

If you are using office laptops and do not have the admin rights for the same and you do not want to install the University edition, there is an option for SAS On Demand.

Below is the link to get start for SAS on demand just by registering and login

SAS on Demand Link

SAS Cracked version

Refrain from using this version, for this is the commercial edition, which some people pass on free of cost with a crack key. So, this does not have 100% functionalities and not good with compliance as well.

Once you are done installing the university edition or creating your SAS On-Demand account you are free from the installation hassles and you move forward to the next learning phase in analytics.

Happy Learning!

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