Why a SAS Global Certification is Important

Wouldn’t it be better if can see not only the present but the future events as well? If you were running a corporation, this ‘Power’ would be an incredible hit for your work. Of course, we aren’t talking about psychic superpowers here. We are talking about simple mathematics and therefore the magic of study. SAS is one such tool that provides businesses with a number one edge up in analytics. We all know you’ve got heard the term SAS tons of times than you would possibly remember. And, you would possibly have also heard your colleagues talking about getting a ‘SAS Certification.’ This post is strictly about that!


Before we advance to the reasons, allow us to tell you why SAS is an integrally crucial part of modern-day businesses. Realizing its importance will assist you to make a far better decision to enrol into an appropriate training, like the one provided by PST Analytics.


Why SAS is important for a business?

Data is the new ‘oil’ that’s powering enterprises of all sizes across the world. This data is of utmost importance because it gives businesses with valuable insights, identify flaws and corrective measures, and even predicts the foremost likely trends within the future. And SAS is there for same only. Now for almost four decades, SAS has enabled businesses of all sizes to derive value from their data. Today, it’s helping businesses to make use of their Big Data.


Best SAS Solutions


  • SAS for Visual Analytics: Interpreting Big Data on a spreadsheet isn’t just difficult; it also takes and makes the interpretation of the numbers harder. SAS for Visual Analytics enables businesses to ‘Visualize’ their data and interact with it to identify patterns, trends and insights. This solution also helps the businesses to make a descriptive and predictive model for the industry.
  • SAS Enterprise Miner: This solution allows the professionals and Statistics personnel to urge predictive modelling techniques. It sends them regular reports filled with powerful analytics from the industries data.
  • Reasons for You to Enroll in a certification

Easy Learning Curve

For beginners, SAS doesn’t come off as a posh intimidating tool that demands extraordinary effort on the learner’s part. In fact, SAS Syntax is comparatively easy to find out. The coding resembles English and is within the sort of simple instructions to the pc. Moreover, the subsequent pointers make it a neater learning curve for people.


  • Debugging is easy: Unlike traditional programming languages like R, Java, etc., it’s easier to seek out errors in SAS. Since the code is easier to read, finding the bugs is easier as directed by the Log window.
  • Algorithms are tested: You won’t stumble across an erroneous or shaky code in SAS because it’s operated ‘end-to-end’ during a closed environment. Even before an algorithm is deployed, developers check and use them for any potential bug.
  • The GUI is user friendly: This feature comes as a boon to the learners with a non-programming background. SAS boasts an incredible Graphical interface (GUI) contains various tools for statisticians. It also includes a highly versatile library of Graphs, plots and charts etc.
  • The output is comprehensible: The analytics output generated by SAS has evolved over the years. Even a fresher can easily grasp the output with simple training.
  • Credibility for professionals and validation

This Certification gives high value to the learners because it stands out as an Industry Validation of the person’s skills and proficiency. And this becomes a badge of your technical skills and competence, and also proves as a symbol of your commitment to non-public growth to your employer.

Great Job opportunity and career

A study by Payscale and MONEY revealed that SAS is the most vital skill to possess in today’s job market. SAS topped the list of ’21 most precious job skills’ and its hot demand are often attributed to the increase of massive Data. If you’re a SAS Certified individual in India, then you’re eligible for varied high paying job openings. Moreover, career growth is promising because the industry is currently facing a shortage of skilled SAS professionals. You’ll pursue business analytics as a speciality skill and grow professionally with the proper SAS Training.

Also, the simplest window of opportunity during a technical field that gives rapid job growth, decent pay and honour comes in the form of an easy certification. There’s no real reason for you to not enrol in SAS training when it’s growing with this pace. So, good luck with this career.

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