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SASSAS Certification has helped many SAS professionals achieve their career goals. In today’s busy world, it’s very difficult to add anything else to our already full plates, but personal development always payoff.

Below are the 5 reasons to become SAS certified:

  1. SAS certification helps improve your skills and expertise by going through the process of preparing for a SAS exam. Even long-time SAS users will benefit from the experience.
  2. SAS certification increases credibility with your employer as a technical professional committed to personal growth.
  3. Increases MARKETABILITY if you are looking for a job.
  4. SAS certification increases your power of earning.
  5. SAS skills are in high demand around the globe, job-role focused with relevancy to real world needs.

Being SAS certified is worth considering if you can relate to even one listed above - it might just be the most beneficial thing you do all year. SAS curriculum includes credentials that validate SAS skills in Programming, Analytics, Administration, Data Management, and Enterprise Business Intelligence.