These are 6 must-know awesome applications of Machine Learning

applications of Machine Learning

“Don’t you think that of all the machines designed by humans, none of them can replace imagination?”

Today, machine learning is the latest buzzword in the technology world sweeping across the global business panorama. It exemplifies a considerable step forward as to how computers learn. So if you keep yourself well-apprised about the state of the art technology trends, you are likely to be amazed with the capabilities of machine learning everywhere around us; from virtual voice assistants to self-driving cars, and for several other mind-blowing reasons. Everyday single day a new application, product or service pops up that utilizes machine learning to turn things smarter, quicker and better.

Some of the most common use cases of Machine Learning applications that we come across in our daily lives include:

  • Using Google Maps to check out the traffic route
  • Making an online purchase, for instance on Amazon
  • Communicating with your friends online on Facebook

And not to mention, the complete process of navigating to this blog page on your computer or mobile screen through Google search, you almost certainly used Machine Learning. And therefore, this webcast will provide its novice readers the must know awesome applications of Machine Learning where ML works like a beauty.

So let us give a look-see over the amazing applications of the machine learning that is just startling the world!

  • Acing the Traffic

Today, Google Maps is perhaps the best application we use every day whenever we step out and require instant assistance in getting access to the fastest route and beating the traffic. You might have heard Google Maps suggesting: ‘Despite the heavy traffic, you are on the fastest route’. But the question is, how does Google Maps know that?

Well, Google Maps is a blend of people currently using the service, historic data of that particular route collected over time and certain tricks acquired from other companies. Every one of us using Google Maps is sharing their location, the average speed, the route on which they are traveling. Google collects this massive data about different aspects of traffic and analyzes the same to predict the upcoming traffic and change your route accordingly.

  • Everyone’s Fave -Social Media Trend(Facebook)

One of the most common applications of Machine Learning is the Automatic Friend Tagging Suggestions feature in Facebook or any other social media platform. Facebook makes use of face detection and image recognition to automatically recognize the face of the person that matches its database and therefore suggests us to tag that person on the basis of Facebook’s deep learning project, DeepFace.

This DeepFace feature in Facebook helps recognize the face and identify the person in the picture. It also comes up with Alt Tags or the Alternative Tags to images that have already been uploaded on Facebook. For instance, if you inspect any image on Facebook, the alt-tag provides you a subtle description.

  • The Transformed Transportation and Commuting

If you often use Ola or Uber to book a cab, you are already using Machine Learning to an extent. Machine Learning provides a personalized experience as it automatically detects your location and comes up with various options to either go home or office or any other frequent place on the basis of your travel history and patterns. But how? Well, the applications use Machine Learning algorithm that is layered at the apex of historic trip data to predict the ETA (expected time of arrival) accurately and precisely. The implementation of Machine learning brought 26% accuracy in Delivery and Pickup.

  • Delegating to Virtual Assistants

Just as the name suggests, Virtual Assistants help in providing you with the most relevant and useful information, when asked through text or voice. Some of the major applications of Machine Learning in the concept of Virtual Assistant include:

  • Speech Recognition
  • Speech to Text Conversion
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Text to Speech Conversion

All you need to do is ask a simple question like ‘What is my schedule for day after tomorrow?’ or ‘Show me my upcoming travel plans’. Lately, personal assistants are being incorporated in Chatbots which are further being implemented in different food ordering applications, online training websites and also in commuting applications.

  • The Concept of Self Driving Cars

Now, one of the coolest applications of Machine Learning is the concept of self-driving cars. It is now here and people are already enjoying it. Machine Learning plays a significant role in the concept of self-driving cars and every one of us might have heard about Elon Musk’ Tesla. Tesla is the leading company in the business of self-driving cars and their current AI is driven by hardware manufacturer NVIDIA, which finds its base on Unsupervised Learning Algorithm.

  • The Dynamic Pricing Strategy

Assigning the right or justifiable price for any product or service is always debatable and is an old problem in economic theory. There are a number of pricing strategies that completely depend on the objective to be achieved. Whether it is movie ticket, plane ticket, or your cab fare, everything is just dynamically priced. In the recent years, AI has utilized pricing solutions to keep a track on the buying patterns and trends and find out the most competitive product pricing strategy.

How Ola does the price evaluation of your ride? Well, Ola’s most brilliant utilization of Machine Learning can be seen in the aspect of surge pricing, a machine learning model commonly known as ‘Geosurge’. So if you are traveling in festive season, chances of flight ticket price to double increases.

So, with this, we come to the conclusion part. It is hoped that you got to know some amazing applications of Machine Learning in different industries and how fruitful it is for people all across the globe. However, if you are willing to be familiar with Machine Learning in detail, seeking a machine learning course in Delhi is the best way to ace Machine Learning.

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