Python project ideas for intermediate learners

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4 Python Project Ideas for Intermediate Learners

Python is a fascinating coding language. In fact, some of the wildly successful apps and software tools have been coded in Python. E.g. Netflix, Spotify, Dropbox, Instagram, etc. You name it, and it was probably coded in Python. Python coding skills can land you a highly rewarding career in the growing fields of Digital Marketing, App Coding, Data Analytics, Machine Learning & AI, etc. If you wish to upskill and upgrade your career, an industry-relevant online course taught by experts can bring you closer to your destiny.

If you are familiar with the basics of programming in Python & have basic Python training, then this post is crafted just for you.

Here are 4 Python project ideas for intermediate learners that will shine on your resume!

Let’s get going.

#1.Expense Tracker

An Expense Tracker is a useful software tool that can be deployed on the web or as a smartphone app. An Expense Tracker keeps a record of all your expenses and helps the users stick to a set budget. An Expense Tracker should be able to record all the expenses input by the user, show expense patterns in visual chart forms, and be able to monitor overspend/underspend compared to the budget.

To build an expense tracker in Python, you’ll need- PySimpleGUI, Pandas, matplotlib, & SQLite database.

#2.URL Shortener Tool

All of us, at some point, must have used online URL Shortening tools like Google Link Shortener, Me Short,, etc. Many such tools that you’ll come across online have been coded in Python or Python as an aid in the project.

A URL Shortening tools basically eliminated the complex character sequence of an online link, minimizes its length, and make the links more user-friendly & recognizable.

The aim of your tool will be to shorten the URL, save it in a database, and redirect the user to the original URL when the shortened one is clicked. To do so, you will have to use random and string modules to generate the link characters in a set pattern or sequence.

#3.Simple File Manager

A File Manager tool is an essential piece of software that allows the users to manage and administer crucial files on their computers and other devices. File Manager provides a simple and intuitive interface to the users so that they can copy, paste, rename, move, archive and remove different file directories.

An intermediate learner should be able to create an engaging and intuitive user-interface with PySimpleGUI library. Other functionalities of your file manager can be created using os, sys, & shutil libraries. You can also embed different ‘views’ function (List view, grid view, etc.) and filters (sort by) within the interface.

#4.MP3 File Player

Every audio file requires a player to play its contents. MP3 players have been around since the inception of computing age and are crucial piece of software having numerous applications. An MP3 player can play almost any audio file format, and can be easily build by an intermediate level Python coder with some effort. As a coder, you will have to keep in mind to display the following basic features in the app interface (apart from a beautifully designed GUI)- File name being played, length of the track, time lapsed/audio played, time remaining to completely play the audio and play speed selection.

You will need libraries like pymedia, pygame or simpleaudio to build this application.

There are many more project ideas that can be executed with Python. Refer to the following bonus ideas that you can code in Python right now;

  • Note Pinning App/Sticky Notes
  • Quiz/Test/Assessment App
  • To-do List with Reminder Function
  • Resume Builder
  • Collage Generator, etc.

Python is like a great power, and with great powers come great responsibilities! Become a Python expert by enrolling in a suitable Python training course and supercharge your career towards success today.

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