Projects on Python for Data Science Basics

projects in pythonIf you are looking to have a career in data science industry then you must show certain experience with the projects. Your portfolio must contain some projects which can show that you actually have worked on python or on data. And in this blog, we are talking about projects on python only. Because it is the most common programming language present in the industry. It is very easy to use and learn. Even if you are a beginner to this field, you can start learning this language and within a week or two, you would be able to perform certain projects in python.

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So, without wasting any more time, let us start with some simple projects in python which will make your foundation in data science.

Rock Paper Scissors

If you have played this game in your childhood then it’s just a cakewalk for you. You already know how this game works. Here, one player plays against the computer. There is 3 output to the random function associated with rock, paper and scissor each. If the input by the user matches the output by random function then it is a draw and otherwise, you know how it works.

Turtle Race

This project is very easy to build. It involves only the basics of programming and no sophisticated statistics or mathematics. Here, you have to build a path for turtles by using dash lines or straight lines. And then you can add some hurdles to make it more difficult for turtles to pass. Then add some turtles with different colours. Program it such a way that the user chooses one turtle to race with and then will compete against all other turtles.

Age Calculator

This program looks small but involves many high-level programming concepts. It requires some mathematical concepts as well. So, you need to induct certain libraries as well before proceeding with this project. The functioning of this project is based on the finding the age of the user. If he enters only hid date of birth in DDMMYYYY format. You can find the age by subtracting this date of birth from the present date. This will give you the age of the person in date months and years.

Password Generator

This program is very basic in structure but has very high significance even in the data world. So you will be using it very frequently in your data journey. Working on this project is based on finding a random password for the user. You have to ask the user to enter how long they want the password to be. And then apply the random function with some constraints such as using characters, numbers and special symbols.

These were some very simple but important projects in python which you can take to create your portfolio in python for data science. Also, if you are looking for some training in python for data science then you can check the PST Analytics website as well. You can call them on the numbers mentioned and can get all your queries solved regarding data science.

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