NZEC Error:

NZEC stands for Non Zero Exit Code. This occurs in case the code fails to return zero (0). When a code is executed it returns “0” or else it will return some other number which depends on the type of error. But we should remember that there are more cases associated with NZEC.

Occurrence of NZEC:

We will look at an example of the occurrence of NZEC. Multiple inputs are separated by commas, and in order to read them, we use input() or int(input()). In some of the coding platforms while performing test inputs are separated by space, and in such cases, int(input()) is unable to read the input and gives NZEC error.

Resolving NZEC:

We will show how to resolve NZEC by using an example. Suppose we have to read two integers and print them. Let the two integers be 23 and 45.

Wrong code:

The code will work when the inputs are in two separate lines. We can use split to overcome this problem.

Correct Code:

Some of the reasons for NZEC error:

  • This will occur when we experience infinite recursion or if we have run out of stack memory.
  • If both input and output are not exactly same.
  • If values of variables are vulnerable to integer flows.
  • In case we perform basic programming mistakes, this error will occur.

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