How to learn Python language without any coding knowledge

learn python codingYou are not a programmer nor you are from any technical filed still you want to learn python language. You’ve got zero coding experience. You almost certainly consider yourself “not a math person”. So let’s determine how you’ll learn Python coding, considering you’ve never had any exposure to a programing language.

First, a big congratulations! You’ve made an excellent choice.

Python is the perfect programing language for people with no coding background. It has an easy syntax, which makes it very accessible to beginners. Scripts written in Python are “human-friendly”. You’ll read Python code as you’d read English commands.

Furthermore, Python may be a very versatile programing language which will be there for almost anything. Does one want to automate routine tasks? They can do it very easily. If you are curious about data analytics and visualization. Then you wish to become an internet developer or mobile app developer? Python is great for any of those tasks.

Thus, deciding to find out a programing language like Python may be a huge step towards a more successful career.

So, you’ve decide to find out Python, and that’s great! But presumably learning Python isn’t getting to be your only task. The likelihood is that you furthermore may have a full-time job, you’re a student, and otherwise, you got to look out of your family.

How to start after learning basics

Create your own practice projects! After you are feeling more confident with the fundamentals of Python, start on your own projects. This may offer you additional motivation since you’ll select a subject that you’re excited about. Performing on a project will offer you an opportunity to use your knowledge to real-world tasks. And it’s inspiring once you can do something useful with code.

Finally, you’re likely to encounter challenges when performing on your project. This might mean dozens of tries before code starts working and quite a few questions asked on Stack Overflow. But it also means you’ll learn many new things.

Learn from free sources

These days, the amount of study resources available online is overwhelming. Platforms like Coursera, edX, Udemy, and Udacity offer plenty of Python courses. However, these often lack interactivity and could be too challenging for learners without an IT background.

On the opposite hand, websites like HackerRank, TopCoder, and Coderbyte allow you to practice your skills. Unfortunately, they typically lack explanations, which makes them less suitable for beginners.

What to learn in python

Programming is just supported by logic. If you’ve got the good sense of logic, you’ll start with virtually any language, alongside .Net, Java etc. When it involves readability of code, python is one among the simplest languages because it needs fewer lines of code. You’ll easily start if you’ve got some basic know-how of English and arithmetic.

There are different reasons why Python coding may be a good language to start out to learn. Python also features a large library of Java so students can easily be assign to projects very early and may do something with java as well. Here, assignments aren’t limit to the four-function standard calculator and check programs. With the assistance of ordinary library, students are often satisfied by working in realistic applications when learning the fundamentals of programming. You’ll also use third-party modules like PyGame to increase the reach of projects.

Finally, Importance of Python

There are different reasons you ought to learn python, especially when it’s your career.

  • You’ll use Python to develop prototypes and it’s very simple to read and work with.
  • Python is employed widely in data processing, automation, and large data analysis.
  • Albeit you don’t have enough skills, Python is extremely simple to read. Anyone can work with this language because it takes little practice and tons of patience. So, it’s the simplest option there by vast development and multi-programming teams.
  • It has a huge support base because it is community-based and open language. Many developers work with this language and still develop its core features. The newest version of Python receives the latest updates and improvements over time.

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