Generating QR code using pyqrcode:

The module “pyqrcode” is a QR code generator. This module automates most of the building process for creation of QR codes. This module follows the QR code as closely as possible. In pyqrcode the terminologies and encodings come directly from the standard in python and in data science.

To install this module, we use the following code:

Pyqrcode.create(content, error = ’H’, version=None, encoding=None): When we create a QR code only the content to be encounter id there. All other properties will be through the contents we give. So, this function returns a QRCode object.

The properties of the required QR Code can be specified through optional parameters of pyqrcode.create() function. Below some properties are given:

error: This is the parameter that sets the error correction level of the code.

version: This is the parameter that specifies the size and data capacity of the code.

mode: In this parameter, it is set how the contents will be encoded.


Generating QR code using pyqrcode in Python for Data Science - PST Generating QR code using pyqrcode in Python for Data Science - PST

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