Fraction Module:

This is a module which supports for rational number arithmetic. It creates a Fraction instance from numbers, floats, integers, strings, and decimals. Fraction has great significance in python and in the field of data science.

Fraction Instances –

A pair of integers construct it, another rational number or a string. These instances are hashable in nature, and they are immutable.

  1. Class fractionsFraction(numerator=0, denominator=1): In this, it’s the necessesity that the numerator and the denominator are instances of numbers. So, fraction instance and a rational with value = (numerator/denominator) is return. In case the denominator is zero, a zerodivision error is there.

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  1. class fractionsFraction(other_fraction): It’s the necessasity the other_function is instance of numbers. So, rational and fraction instance with equal values is in return.
  2. class fractions.Fraction(float) – It is required that the float instance and a fraction instance with same value is returned.python data science
  3. class fractionsFraction(decimal): In this, it’s the necessasity the decimal instance and a fraction instance with same value is in return.

  1. class fractionsFraction(string) – It is required the string or Unicode instance and a fraction instance with similar value is returned.
  2. limit_denominator(max_denominator=1000000):
  • It is useful for finding rational approximations to a given floating-point number.
  • This is a module that finds and returns the fraction closest to self, which has denominator at most max_denominator.
  • It’s also there for returning the numerator of given fraction in lowest term using the numerator property and denominator using denominator

Mathematical Operations on Fractions:

Fraction based Calculations by Functions of Math Module:

Fraction Module in Python for Data Science - PST Analytics

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