Comparison Operator Chaining:

In the real world scenario of python for data science, during programming, we have to check more than two conditions together. Suppose we want to check the following condition:

a < b < c

In python it can be done using the following syntax:

python for data science

This will be less complex and easy if we use comparison operator chaining.

In Python, all the comparison operators have the same priority. They have less priority than arithmetic, bitwise operators, or shifting operators.

Below are some of the comparison operators:

python data science

Chaining of comparison operators:

  • A comparison will result in Boolean values, i.e., TRUE or FALSE.
  • Chaining of comparisons can be done arbitrarily.
  • The equation a < b < c is equivalent to a < b and b < c. But we should keep in mind that each expression is evaluate at most once.
  • a < b > c does not have to establish a relation between a and So, the equation is legal in Python.

Below are some illustrations to make things clear:

python for data science

If you want to learn more about chaining in python for data science, then you can check this and this.

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