Lookout for these # things before enrolling in a Data Science course

Lookout for these # things before enrolling in a Data Science course

Pondering over the last decade, the Data Science domain has unfolded dramatically. It has emerged as the spine of many organizations across diverse industries. Data Science has attained a level that it has raked in the title of ‘sexiest job of the 21st century.’ Observing the escalating popularity of this domain, more and more people are choosing Data Science as a career. According to a study, Data Analytics highbrows earn 26% more than an average software engineer in India. Isn’t that great?

However, mastering Data Science can be daunting, especially, when you are just beginning your career with Data Science Training in Gurgaon. Which tool to focus on- R or Python? What techniques to emphasize on? Is it important to learn coding? Well, these are some questions that you need to address before enrolling in a Data Science Course. In order to make candidates Data Science-ready, many institutes are coming up with Data Science Training in Delhi and with time, the number is just increasing. In this webcast, we will highlight some essential factors that will help you figure out the key differences between a generic Data Science course and a job-oriented one. Let us get started!

  • An Updated, Industry-Specific Course

To become a full-fledged Data Scientist, one must possess appropriate knowledge about Machine Learning, Computer Science, Statistics, or coding experience in Python/R.

While planning for a Data Science course, it is recommended to first connect with others from the field and inquire about the kind of curriculum you should go with. This will help you in sorting the most apt Data Science course. Looking for a Data Science Course in Delhi?

  • The thrust of Practical Sessions

There is no doubt that theory is a must, but one cannot become a Data Scientist with just fundamental knowledge. Remember, practical experiences will always trump theoretical knowledge. So, before taking up a Data Science course, ensure that it comes with a significant number of practical sessions. Ultimately, it will help you interpret a problem and find the most apt solution in a more effective manner.

  • Do Mentors or Trainers possess Significant Knowledge?

Now this is a notable thing to keep a check on before enrolling in a Data Science course. The experience of your mentor or trainer plays a crucial role in your journey to become a Data Scientist. Consider this- Would you want to learn and get trained from someone who doesn’t hold expertise in the field? Obviously, no!

The world of Data Science is burgeoning, and in between that, a lot of professionals are faking their experience to grab high-ranking positions. Therefore, when you choose a course, ensure that you have done sufficient research about the teacher or the trainer who is going to train you.

  • How about the Placement History?

When you choose a Data Science course in Gurgaon, one of the prime expectations is securing a job. However, not every institute provides you placement opportunities even after making promises.            Some even fail to conduct interviews for the students. And, one of the main reasons behind poor placement history is that all these institutes lack a strong foundation when it comes to Data Science.

So, before joining any Data Science course in Delhi NCR, make sure that the institute is of good repute to help you grab interview opportunities.

  • Don’t forget to go through the Reviews from Alumni

This is one of the essential ways to get to know more about a particular course and also about the institute as a whole. There are many institutes that over promise in their advertisements, but not everything is true. While coming across such fishy ads that act as decoy, many students end up enrolling with them. Therefore, in order to find out whether or not they are keeping their promise, contact those who have already completed the course from that particular institute. It will help you find out almost everything about the institute as well as the course you are looking for. Also, you must seek answers to the following questions pertaining to your Data Science Training in Delhi:

  • The topics they cover
  • Whether or not they provide hands-on sessions
  • Do they provide placement opportunities?
  • Do they have experienced instructors?
  • And if they were not placed from the institute, how exactly did they get a job in the Data Science domain?

The demand for Data Science Professionals is massive. Employers are investing their time and money to bring the best Data Scientists onboard. If you make the right move, it will eventually result in an exponential growth. This webca`st is all about tips that can help get you started and avoid costly mistakes in future.

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