Language of The New Generation-Python

After the development of this high-level programming language in the 1990s, it became one of the most widely sort after languages. One can use these languages such as python not only for web development but also for machine learning and data science.

If you have some basic knowledge of any high-level programming language beforehand or if you’re done basic python then it will be a help to you in understanding this language better but remember, this is not a mandatory condition.python for data science

Reasons for increasing popularity:

  1. Codes here are short and easy to read.
  2. One can express the same code in fewer lines than other languages like C++ and Java etc.
  3. You can use multiple programming paradigms such as object-oriented, procedural and functional programming, etc.
  4. Its inbuilt library is so vast that one can find almost all the frequently sort after functions through the libraries only.

It’s Features


  • In it, you don’t have to compile it first and then execute it as you do in C++.
  • You can run the code from the source code itself.
  • When you run a code, the interpreter automatically converts the high-level code to a byte code and then to the low-level machine code which can be easily understood by the computer.
  • There is no linking it with the libraries and loading.

Platform Independent

  • We can develop and execute it on almost all the operating system that we have today.
It is free and open-source.


  • This is very close to English so that you can learn it very quickly.
  • It focuses more on the solution instead of the syntax.
  • You can embed it in other languages to give scripting functionality to its users.


  • It has an exceptional handling feature.
  • There is also memory management techniques in-built in it.

Rich library support

  • Its standard library function is very vast.
  • We can do many things, such as regular expressions, threading, databases, web browsers, CGI, email, XML, HTML, and many more. That is why it is called the ‘batteries included’ philosophy of Python.


Python vs. JAVA


The types of variables need not be defined beforehand i.e. It is a dynamically typed language. The variables should be explicitly defined along with their names. If a value other than the defined one is assigned then it will cause type exception.
No need to typecast while using container objects. When using container objects we need to typecast the variable.
It uses indentation to define the body of the code. Uses braces to define the body of the code.



public class HelloWorld


public static void main (String[] args)


System.out.println(“Hello, world!”);



Similarity with Java

  • It requires some time to execute the program same as java requires.

Softwares making use of Python

  • It is used as a scripting language in many software, and it is used in GNU Debugger as a pretty printer.
  • This has many uses in artificial intelligence.
  • It is used for natural language processing tasks.
Current Applications of Python
  • Installers that are written in Python are used in many Linux based distributions.
  • The information security industry has direct use of Python, including exploit development.
  • In-game development areas it has been used extensively.
  • Python is also used for data science.


  • Easy to use.
  • Multiparadigm approach.


  • A bit slower than other comparing languages such as C, C++.
  • It cannot be used in mobile devices and some browsers.
  • Switching between languages is tricky. If someone wants to switch from C, C++ to Python, then some variables in C++ are functions in Python.
Industrial importance

Most of the big companies are now shifting towards Python and it is essential for a candidate to have some knowledge about this language as it helps them in facing the interview panel and impress them better. So, start learing python and to download it, click here.


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