Class Method vs. Static Method:

Class Method in Python for Data Science:

The classmethod is denoted by @classmethod. It is a built-in function decorator. It gets evaluated after the function is defined. The result of the @classmethod function shadows our function definition. The method receives the class as implicit first argument similar to an instance method receiving the instance.


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  • Class method is bound to the class and not to the class object.
  • It has access to the state of the class.
  • It is capable of modifying the state of the class. This modification will then be applicable to all the instances of the class.

Static Method:

It does not receive an implicit first argument that classic method received.



  • Similar to the class method, it is also bound to the class and not the class object.
  • It is unable to access or modify the class state.
  • The method is present in a class.

 Difference between Class Method and Static Method:

  • A class method takes class as the first parameter, but in static method there is no need for specific parameters.
  • A class method is able to access or modify the class state, but this is not possible in the case of static method.
  • @classmethod decorator is there to create a class method, but @staticmethod decorator is there in order to create a static method.

Usage of static and class methods:

  • In general class method is there for creating factory methods.
  • In general static method is there for creating utility functions.


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