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    • SAS Analytics 
    • R DataScience
    • Python Machine Learning  
    • Live Projects (#6) 
3000+ Learners
Analytics on SAS
    • SAS- Base Analytics & Advance
    • Live projects (#4)
    • Basics of R & Python
3000+ Learners
    • Data Science -R
    • Machine Learing-Python
    • Live Project(#2)
250+ Learners
Data Visualization Tableau
    • Data Visualization
    • Descriptive Analytics
    • Real Time Project Experience 
    • Global Certification
250 Learners
Business Intelligence MSBI
    • Data Transformation and Analysis using SSIS and SSAS
    • Data Visualization using SSRS
250 Learners
Big Data Hadoop
    • Basic & high-level info about architecture & ecosystem.
    • Hadoop Essentials (Common/Core components)
250 Learners
Spark & PySpark
    • Basic & high-level info about architecture & ecosystem (Spark SQL + DataFrames, Streaming, MLlib, GraphX).
250 Learners
Python Training
    • Python Basics (Tuples, Dictionaries, Modules, File I/O)
    • Python Advanced (Regular Expressions, Database Access, Multithreading)
250 Learners
Excel For Beginners
    • Excel Basics (Decoration, Alignments, Merge/Wrap)
    • Excel Advanced (Filtering, Sorting, Validation, Macros, Sharing & Security, Charting)
250+ Learners
R Training
    • R Basics (Operators, Loops, Functions, Arrays)
    • R Advanced (Vectors, Lists, Matrices, Factors, DataFrames)
250+ Learners
AWS Certified Developer
    • Introduction to AWS
    • Advance AWS component 
    • Setting up a free account on AWS
    • Identity Access Management
250+ Learners
Interactive Institute of Analytics

We are professionals working in IT industries with top MNCs & who have made impact on thousands of students globally. Here are three reasons why you should choose us.

Industry Relevant Online SAS Training With Centers In Delhi & Gurgaon
Global Certification
Test Preparation
PST Analytics: Global SAS Certification Online

PST Analytics is an instructor led live online SAS training institute based in Delhi and Gurgaon, which offers professional SAS courses to beginners, advanced programmers and experts, who want to improve their knowledge of SAS. We are one of the largest online enterprises dedicated towards offering the best SAS online training both in India and in the web space.

Our SAS courses welcome programmers from every part of the globe and offer in-depth studying programs for any level of difficulty.Our qualified tutors have all necessary skills and knowledge to teach you everything you need to know in order to work in SAS, from basics to the complicated and rewarding online analytics training with class room training in Delhi, Gurgaon & Noida.We also offer courses on Python, R, Tableau and Excel.

Our Benefits

Student's Reviews PST Analytics

4.9 out of 5 star

“ The Mentors here are truly down to earth, very ethical and are really the subject matter experts.They are people working within the industry with all latest trends and understanding of the Industry's current requirements which helps even a beginner to start from scratch and feel like an experienced professional after completion of the course. They don't do fake claims but helps each individual on one to one basis which builds the confidence of each student to very high level.

The basics taught by the faculty along with Hands-on project on real time data case studies makes every individual job-ready and become
true expert in the field of Analytics . I would recommend to go for this course to every person who wants to enter in the Industry. My Best wishes to the entire team for continue doing the noble job.

They have full spectrum of courses Like Machine Learning with Python along with SAS which was my area of interest and i think it's best Online/Offline Institute in North India . ”

“ Professional SAS Tutor Analytics is one the best institute to learn base SAS and analytics.
Lokesh sir and Vikhyat sir are good mentors to teach you with right approach and share their quality real world experiences.
Entire faculty is quite supportive & very helpful.
Online class recordings & material quite helpful as we can go through the same at any point of time whenever required.
Recommended to all who want to step in the field of Data analytics. ”

“ Professional SAS Tutor is the best training institute for SAS and Analytics. The trainers Vikhyat Sir and Lokesh Sir are just amazing. The best part about them is the interaction with the people enrolling there. Professional SAS Tutor is known not only for its brand name, but also because of the experience and efforts, the faculty puts in towards the student. Enrolling yourself in Professional SAS Tutor is worth a try. ”

“ Professional SAS Tutor Analytics serves as the perfect platform for not just learning the basics of programming using SAS but also for it's application in real world data handling. Lokesh ensures that we don't just grasp the theoretical aspects of the language but understand the logic behind it's working. It is a wonderful experience to be his student as you learn to challenge yourself and hone your analytical abilities. He patiently solves all doubts and his questions/lectures are enough to not just pass the certification but achieve a high score. Apart from preparing for certification, Lokesh also guides everyone in planning the next step in their careers, a quality seldom found in trainers from other institutes. Thus, I would highly recommend joining Professional SAS Tutor Analytics if anyone wishes to receive an all round training on SAS. ”

“ I have done Tableau from Professional SAS Tutor Analytics. The course is well designed to abundant hands on exercise and prepare for certification. The trainer is very well experienced and always ready to clear doubts and engage interest throughout the class. The course is well design for professional point of view. They also guide to prepare interview as well as certification.
You will feel confident and satisfaction at the end of the course.
I will personally recommend for R, Python, Tableau and Analytics. ”

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