10th  Jul 2021

Data Workshops

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Data Science 360 Course
    • One Stop flagship course
    • All modules covered
    • Placement assistance 
1500+ Learners
Data Science 360 Phase 1
    • Predictive Modeling
    • Credit Risk Life Cycle
    • Marketing Analytics
    • Live projects (#4)
1500+ Learners
Data Science 360 Phase 1

    Phase 1 of the Data Science 360 cycle with no pre-requisite.

    • Analytics for Data Science
    • A move towards ML and AI
    • Application of the Basics
Data Science 360 Phase 2
    • Model development & Tuning
    • Reinforcement learning & Production
    • Neural networks Tensor Keras
    • Live Project(#2)
1200+ Learners
Data Science 360 Phase 2

    Phase 2 of the Data Science 360 cycle with pre-requisite to Phase 1

    • Advanced Analytics
    • A dive into Deep Learing
    • Application of alogs & AI
Data Science 360 Phase 3
    • Data Visualization
    • Adding story to data 
    • Global Certification
1000+ Learners
Data Science 360 Phase 3

    Phase 3 of Data Science 360 cycle with pre-requisite to Phase 1

    • Reporting & Dashboarding 
    • Static & Dynamic insights
    • Data representaion
Data Science 360 Phase 4
    • Hadoop cluster ecosystem
    • Spark in memory processing
    • Integrate Deploy optimize
    • Global certification
1000+ Learners
Data Science 360 Phase 4

    Phase 4 of Data Science 360 cycle with pre-requisite to Phase 2

    • Deployment Phase
    • Cloudera infrastructure
    • Hadoop Spark
Interactive Institute of Analytics

We are experienced professionals working in the data & consulting industry who have passionately trained thousands of students globally. Here are three reasons why you should choose us.

Industry Relevant Online Analytics Training Certification With Centers In Delhi & Gurgaon
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PST Analytics: Global Analytics Certification Online

PST Analytics is an instructor-led live online Analytics training certification institute based in Delhi and Gurgaon, which offers professional Analytics certification courses to beginners, advanced programmers and experts, who want to improve their knowledge of Applied analytics certification. We are one of the largest online enterprises dedicated to offering the best global analytics online training certification across the globe and in the web space.

Our data-driven certification courses welcome programmers from every part of the globe and offer in-depth studying programs for any level of difficulty. Our qualified trainers have all the necessary skills and knowledge to teach you everything you need to know in order to work in the data industry with certification, from basics to the complicated and rewarding online analytics training with classroom training in Delhi, Gurgaon & Noida. We also offer courses on the domain with language building blocks as Python, R, SAS, Excel, SQL Tableau and Hadoop.

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